Together with Libera Terra, we play for a truly free land. - MUV

Together with Libera Terra, we play for a truly free land.

28 April 2022

New month, new challenge. In May, we’re putting up for grabs the scents, flavours and emotions of truly free land.

Restoring value and beauty to lands free from mafias.

Libera Terra was set up with the aim of enhancing the value of beautiful but difficult territories, starting with the social and productive recovery of property freed from the mafias in order to obtain high-quality products using methods that respect the environment and human dignity. It also plays an active role in the area, involving other producers who share the same values and promoting organic farming. 

The mission of the Libera Terra project is to give dignity to territories characterized by a strong mafia presence, through the creation of autonomous, self-sufficient, sustainable cooperative enterprises, capable of providing employment, creating positive induced activities and proposing a virtuous economic system, based on legality, social justice and the market.

Libera Terra Challenge, let’s play for truly free land.

Quality, respect for the environment and defence of human rights. These are just some of the values of Libera Terra and that we look for in the brand partners who decide to support MUV. 

The Challenge is open on the app for the whole month of May and is reserved for MUVers playing from Italy. The aim is always the same: to move around by sustainable means, accumulate points and climb the rankings. On foot, by bicycle, scooter or public transport (spoiler! New means of mobility are on the way…) As per the rules, bonuses are foreseen which increase proportionally the number of points collected according to the time of the journey, weather conditions, and change in altitude.

libera terra challenge

Discount coupons to buy products from the online Libera Terra shop.

Win discount coupons to spend in the Botteghe Libera Terra online shop. Coupons worth 20% for the first ten runners-up and 15% for those placed between eleventh and fiftieth. Pasta, pulses, extra-virgin olive oil, honey, sweet and savoury preserves, buffalo mozzarella and limoncello are just some of the products made by Libera Terra, to rediscover the typical flavours of the land and at the same time enhance the great nutritional qualities and organoleptic profiles of the best organically grown raw materials. 

Precious places, beautiful landscapes, the stories of men, women and many generations must be given a new lease of life, they must be experienced and disseminated solely for their immense qualities, without shortcuts, without illegality, without ever abandoning the respect, pleasure and gift of hospitality that are the basis of our Mediterranean identity.

Can you smell the scent of truly free land? 

Play with your community!