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Mobility and Agile Work Plans - MUV

Play your game for a sustainable future.

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MUV for Business

Whether it is a sustainability project for employees or sponsorship of our champions, companies and organizations also play the game of change.

piano di mobilità aziendale - MUV

Mobility Plans

Involve employees, encourage sustainable commuting in your workplace and develop Home-to-Work Travel Plans (HWTP).

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piano di mobilità aziendale - MUV

Corporate Social Responsibility & Corporate Sponsorship

Plan a sustainability event involving your user community or MUV community and generating a certified CO2 impact.

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MUV is aimed at companies that care about environmental protection and want to play a leading role in the challenge towards the ecological transition.

piano di mobilità aziendale - MUV

Let's encourage sustainable mobility and stimulate playful participation in change.

piano di mobilità aziendale - MUV

Let's build sustainable mobility open data for more citizen- and environment-conscious cities.

piano di mobilità aziendale - MUV

Let's reduce CO2 through direct and active involvement of communities and citizens.

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Contact us for more information and to find out how MUV can become a tool to engage, measure and enhance your company's commitment to sustainability.

"Sustainability at the time of gamification"

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