Morettino Challenge, the new MUV challenge for coffee lovers. - MUV

Morettino Challenge, the new MUV challenge for coffee lovers.

10 January 2022

The aroma of coffee from the historic Morettino coffee roasting company in Palermo will accompany our first sustainable mobility challenge of 2022. Morettino Challenge – for real coffee lovers is the competition that from 17 January to 28 February will see MUVers from all over the world challenging each other simply by moving on foot, by bicycle or by scooter. Gift cards and discount codes offered by Caffè Morettino will be up for grabs. 

Morettino: celebrating Sicily and the eco-sustainable love of coffee. 

MUV chooses brands active in the fight against climate change for sustainable development and environmental care. 

Morettino, for over 100 years, has been synonymous with high quality and craftsmanship with targeted and sustainable growth.

We love Coffee, We love Nature, We love Culture, We love Sicily

Morettino’s four corporate values (which we can only share).

MUV chooses Morettino as its official partner for the first 2022 challenge, supporting a new approach to experiencing the coffee ritual. Morettino distributes coffee from organic farming, 100% sustainable pods and promotes zero impact initiatives such as the “green coffee bike“.

Morettino Challenge is designed for coffee lovers. Coffee, after water and tea, is the most consumed beverage in the world. If not abused, its consumption has health benefits. Extensive research has shown that regular coffee intake can protect against many chronic conditions, including cardiovascular disease, type 2 diabetes, obesity and some types of cancer. (Source: NIH, 2020.) 

Authentic values, sustainable innovation, environmental and health concerns led us to identify Morettino as the perfect partner. 

How the Morettino Challenge works. 

The Morettino Challenge is open to everyone, from baby boomers to Gen Z, no matter if you are a trained MUVer or a Newbie, where you are or if you are going to the office, school or gym. The rule is one: walk, bike or scooter. Select your mode of transport and record your journey. As you move, our algorithm “studies” and assigns you points. The safer and more sustainable your journey, the more points you will earn. Also, bonus points if there is traffic, if the weather is hostile and if the route is routine. 

Playing with MUV, deciding to leave the car at home and move in a conscious and sustainable way is the most effective, economical and engaging way to fight global warming, reduce energy consumption, improving our well-being and that of our cities

The prizes offered by Morettino.

We always say it: MUV players always win. MUVers drive sustainable kilometres and save tons of CO2, making a concrete contribution to the fight against climate change. MUV and Morettino will reward the 50 most virtuous players. The first 10 players will receive a 20-euro gift card and a 20% discount code for those ranked between 11th and 50th to spend on the Caffè Morettino e-shop. 

morettino challenge

Let’s recap: join the challenge, remember to open the app, record every journey and rank among the top 50! 

If you click on the button below from a smartphone, you will be taken directly to the challenge app.

Play with your community!