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Sustainament, the neologism we came up with

17 September 2020

Sustainament is the fusion between Sustainability and Entertainment: we have combined environment and society, declined in a game. Sustainably moving around the city becomes an opportunity for information and entertainment.


Environmental sustainability and the fight against climate change, initially perceived as a current of thought, are now real necessities so much so that they are included among the 17 objectives of sustainable development in the Agenda 2030 established by the United Nations General Assembly.

Actually, goal 13 deals with the climate crisis by monitoring mitigation and adaptation measures, strengthening resilience and supporting the extension of knowledge on climate change issues.

There’s no planet B

Fruit and vegetables, meat and fish, water, wood, cotton: on August 22, humanity has exhausted all biological resources that the Earth can renew throughout 2020. From this date until the end of the year it will consume more than natural ecosystems can regenerate, and will emit more CO2 than the oceans and forests can absorb.

As a result, it is Earth Overshoot Day, the day of over-exploitation, and this year comes three weeks later than 2019 due to the Covid-19 pandemic, which has put a brake on consumption and pollution. 

The date is calculated by the Global Footprint Network, the international organization that deals with environmental accounting by calculating the ecological footprint. 

Global Footprint Network’s CEO Laurel Hanscom says:

“Sustainability requires both ecological balance and people’s well-being ensured over the long-term. Therefore, this year’s sudden Ecological Footprint contraction cannot be mistaken for progress.

“This year, more than ever before, Earth Overexploitation Day highlights the need for strategies that increase resilience for all.”

A serious game to motivate change

It is essential to make people, companies and institutions aware of environmental sustainability and changing habits. What better way to shape new habits than through play? 

Here comes the term “sustainament”.

The sustainament aims to raise awareness and socialize people through moments inserted within other forms of entertainment.

Toti di Dio, CEO of MUV B Corp supports: 

“MUV’s aim is to turn urban mobility into a new and fun experience. A sport that is played live but lived via app in which citizens/athletes challenge each other through their sustainable behaviours. A mix of intrinsic and extrinsic motivations to make the game engaging. Companies and Institutions can play a leading role, enrolling their Team and playing with their employees and supporters Tournaments for Companies & Organizations and for Schools & Universities. 

“We truly believe that this approach can lead people to adopt more informed behaviour, support internal sustainability and mobility plans and with open data improve urban policies.”

MUV is one of the solutions that can be adopted at the community level or individually to leave a significant impact on our future. 

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