Play, win, change the World!

Safe and sustainable mobility as a sport

Play, win, change the World!

Practice, complete the challenges, lead your team!

Everyone can play MUV as a professional athlete: from Newbie to Star through training sessions, challenges, tournaments, sponsorships and real gifts!

Scoring points is easy: MUV tracks your movements, the more you move in a sustainable way, the faster you climb the ranks.


Together we can change the world, one step at a time

It is time to take action.

To save lungs, heart and the planet Earth, we need to collect data to better design our cities and we must try to change our bad habits to leave a lighter footprint on our planet.

These are the results we get with MUV simply by playing:


20.8 Km
Recorded on average weekly by each MUVer.


+ 27% Cal
Weekly average burned by each MUVer during tournaments


32% CO2
Weekly average saved by active MUVer based on a calculation method validated by RINA.

MUV impacts

With big data comes big responsibility

MUV mobility data belongs to the community that has produced it.

The participation in the game and timely measurement of impacts contributes to sustainability budgets, welfare projects and mobility plans.
With MUV every single citizen can help build the largest open and collaborative dataset on sustainable mobility.

With the support of Public Administrations, Research Centers and Non-Profit Organizations, open data have already inspired dozens of new solutions to improve urban livability.

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Play with your Team!

Try it for free for 6 months.


We know that fame and glory (real and virtual) are not enough to satisfy MUVers’ appetites.

Awards for top athletes are products and services related to technological innovation, environmental and social sustainability.

We are looking for partners who share our values and beliefs and want to involve our MUVers to play for a better world!

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Our Champions


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MUV and sustainable mobility: benefits and advantages

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22 May 2020
Sustainable mobility can become a sport and we tested it!

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The result of a long and passionate research of the design laboratory for social and urban innovation PUSH, since 2020 MUV is a technological startup with a social vocation.



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