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21 October 2020
Our path to becoming a Certified B Corp, one step at a time

The B Corp is a movement of companies with a common goal: to be protagonists of a global change and regenerate society through business. Through their activities, they create a […]

Urban Mobility Days 2020
23 September 2020
MUV at the Urban Mobility Days 2020

MUV is happy to virtually join the Urban Mobility Days 2020, the European Commission’s first digital event on sustainable urban mobility. The conference will take place online from 29 September […]

17 September 2020
Sustainament, the neologism we came up with

Sustainament is the fusion between Sustainability and Entertainment: we have combined environment and society, declined in a game. Sustainably moving around the city becomes an opportunity for information and entertainment. […]

31 July 2020
MUV and sustainable mobility: benefits and advantages

Choosing to move on foot, by bicycle or with car-pooling are just some of the simple practices we can do to be greener in our daily life, embracing the culture […]

20 June 2020
6 + 1 useful info to change mobility habits even without MUV

In this post, we explain why it is important to improve our mobility habits, (even without MUV) by providing 6 (+1) useful information. The risks associated with a sedentary lifestyle […]

22 May 2020
Sustainable mobility can become a sport and we tested it!

MUV is a game that turns sustainable and safe mobility into a real sport and it does through real knockout tournaments. The world’s first city tournament on sustainable mobility Between […]

7 May 2020
MUVigator, find out how to promote safe and sustainable urban mobility

Surf the MUVigator, the “How to do guide” to use MUV and build happier cities and better communities. Find out all the strategies to motivate and inspire your team in […]

20 April 2020
What will mobility be like after COVID-19?

We asked ourselves what the future of post covid-19 urban mobility will be. At the end of the lockdown, we will choose how to move according to their own needs, […]

29 March 2020

#dontMUV has become our official hashtag. The last thing we could have thought of was that a global pandemic would turn (temporarily) everything upside down. We love MUVing but at […]


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