Sustainable mobility for Schools and Universities - MUV Game

The Future is a Team Sport

Discover MUV for your School, turn students, teachers and parents into safe and sustainable mobility athletes and actively contribute to CO2 reduction for a better mobility.

MUV benefits for your School

Everyday for future

Develop the large intergenerational community around your School and show your daily commitment to a better future.

Mobility management

MUV’s team reduce on average their CO2 emission by 32%. Environmental impact is certified and you also get useful information for developing Mobility and Sustainability Plans.

Awareness and skills

Collect data to learn more about new digital technologies and provide incentives to develop creative projects by improving urban sustainability.

Few rules: whoever is more sustainable wins.

From Gamification...

How MUV works?

It’s very simple: select a means of transport and record a route. The safer and more sustainable it is, the more points you will be awarded. Also extra points if there is traffic, if the weather is hostile, if the route is routine… Sport!


Individual competitions to overcome your own limits or competitions with other students, to win badges, discounts and prizes.


Among branches or head offices of the same School or among different Schools where the best Institutes and players are rewarded.

What about the data collected?

While students, teachers and administrative staff, MUV monitors the impact: calories burned, cost savings and reduction of CO2 emissions with a calculation methodology validated according to ISO 14064-2.
The mobility data, in addition to supporting the Home-to-Study Travel Plans (HSTP), are anonymized and released in open data to amplify the impact by triggering new studies and policies for the future of safe and sustainable mobility.

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