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We build communities active in the fight against climate change, sustainable development, the defence of human rights and the environment through an approach that is simple but capable of bringing deep meaning and inspiring change.

What is MUV

Through teamwork, MUV offers Brands and Organizations an innovative solution to encourage responsible and healthy behaviours, measures progress by certifying CO2 reduction, and, thanks to the data collected, allows co-create mobility plans.

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If you share our values, become a sponsor and become part of the MUVement!
Give your brand visibility on our website, blog, and communication plan during MUV challenges and tournaments.

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Let’s grow together

Reach a community with common values and visions of around 300 schools and universities, total membership now exceeding 10,000 and a reach of more than 300,000 potential users.

What MUV offers to Sponsors

Visibility in the app, on the website and social networks.

The inclusion of the Sponsor’s activities in the editorial plan and the sharing of original content through the media used for promotion and communication.

Special avatars and customisation of the app.

The customisation of some game-related elements to meet the themes of the Sponsor’s activities or, more simply, sponsorships of Tournament phases and training sessions.

Mobility data and tools for co-design.

Public administrations, research organisations and non-profit organisations have access to mobility data and co-design tools to amplify the impact of MUV on local policies.

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