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We want to build and motivate active communities through a simple approach that brings deep meaning and inspires change.

Communities which are active in the fight against climate change, the direct participation in policies for sustainability and the defence of human rights and the environment.

For this reason, the best teams are rewarded with products selected among organizations that deal with social, technological and environmental innovation to strengthen their sustainability policies.

The best “athletes” also win awards from the MUV partner network and participation in training events related to sustainability, technological and social innovation.

In the global challenges we have partnered with

Maker Faire Rome – The European Edition

The largest event that combines science, technology, innovation. An ecosystem where the protagonists of the innovation scene meet, compare, train and have fun.


The revolutionary technology that purifies the air. Using the energy of light, it reduces pollutants, eliminates odours, prevents mould and destroys harmful pathogens

Fondazione Sant'Elia
Fiab Palermo
Is Global
Journal do Fundao
Smart City Week
Social BIke Palermo
Teatro Massimo
Uusi Sauna

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