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MUV survey on Corporate Mobility Manager for Wired Italia

13 January 2021

In December 2020 MUV conducted a survey for Wired Italia contacting the 14 metropolitan cities and asking to speak with the Area Mobility Manager. The goal was to provide an indicative picture of mobility planning and programming in Italy.

In this article, we delved into the role of the Corporate (and School) Mobility Manager, their legal obligation and the challenges they have been facing since well before the Covid-19 pandemic. 

All over Europe, from Spain to Italy, Germany to the Netherlands, national laws and local measures have been introduced to foster the adoption of Corporate Mobility Managers to make traffic flows more efficient, safe and decrease pollution.

In Italy, the Decreto Rilancio (Decree-Law No. 128 of May 19, 2020) established that companies with more than 100 employees and the headquarters in a municipality with a population of more than 50,000 inhabitants, must provide to appoint a Corporate Mobility Manager and draw up an HWTP (Home-Work Travel Plan) by December 31 of each year.

We also know that the Italian law intervened long before: in 1998 with the Decreto Ronchi and in 2015 with the obligation extended to schools. 

Over twenty years of legislation and recent decrees, what is the Italian balance sheet today on the Corporate Mobility Manager? 

We contacted the Italian municipal administrations and the data emerged are very interesting.

The metropolitan city of Catania (Sicily) has made available a standardized questionnaire and a software tool dedicated to entities and companies. However, it turns out that only 24 public entities and private companies have joined the initiative and only 3 companies have transmitted the mobility plan in December 2019. The situation does not improve for the schools: 17 schools out of 1055 surveyed have appointed a School Mobility Manager.

In Cagliari (Sardinia) the only company that has transmitted the HWTP is Poste Italiane.

Palermo (Sicily) and Bari (Apulia) do not have an Area Mobility Manager.

In Florence (Tuscany), only 5 HWTPs have been delivered by companies. 

In Rome (Lazio), there are a total of 309 Corporate Mobility Managers with whom the City relates (258 from companies and entities, 51 from schools). As of December 2019, 178 corporate mobility plans have been delivered, none school-based.

Meanwhile, Milan (Lombardy) relates to 180 Corporate Mobility Managers, but only 27 companies have prepared the HWTP.

In Bologna (Emilia-Romagna), out of 40 active external mobility managers, there are 28 approved plans.

The city of Turin (Piedmont) deals with more than 60 Corporate Mobility Managers but the average mobility plans delivered per year are only a dozen. From Genoa, Venice, Naples and Reggio Calabria, no response.

There are only a few Home Work Travel Plans.

It is obvious.

“In Milan, Bologna and Rome, companies and schools have presented few plans to Area Mobility Managers, when thousands would be needed. To get an idea: in Rome alone, compared to the 51 plans presented, there are about 3,000 educational institutions. Even where something has been done, it is, alas, completely insufficient”.

Toti Di Dio, MUV B Corp co-founder

It is time to redesign the demand and supply of transport for the future of mobility in Italy.

Check out this link to read the Italian article by Antonio Piemontese published on Wired Italia. 

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