Tournament between the Piedmont schools: winners and prizes. - MUV

Tournament between the Piedmont schools: winners and prizes.

18 June 2021

From 28 April to 6 June 2021 374 students participated in the Tournament dedicated to sustainable mobility organised by MUV for the IV and V classes of secondary schools in Piedmont.

The Tournament was conceived by MUV with the collaboration of DISAFA – Department of Agricultural, Forestry and Food Sciences of the University of Turin and made possible thanks to Fondazione CRT. The tournament began on April 26 and run for six weeks. The students competed simply by walking, cycling, scootering, carpooling or taking public transport to school and using the MUV app. The goal is to win the one who scores the most points.

And as with any self-respecting sports competition, we have provided for prizes and rewards. The Liceo Alessandro Volta of Turin will win a mural for the school walls, which will be painted by Airlite, official sponsor of the event

The prize for the champion Institute: the Mural made with Airlite.

Airlite ecological paint is an innovative wall paint with the lowest environmental impact in the industry. Airlite allows you to sanitise your walls from bacteria and viruses and remove toxic substances from the air. In addition, it boasts self-cleaning properties and helps to eliminate dangerous NOx and SOx pollutants, which are also responsible for the greenhouse effect. The mural will be created in the coming months and will be the work of a selected artist.

But that’s not all. MUV will reward both the members of the winning class and the best players who distinguished themselves during the Tournament. Fondazione CRT will offer the 5A students a drink and a guided tour of the Officine Grandi Riparazioni di Torino (OGR Torino), the new innovation and art hub of the Piedmont capital. The students ranked among the “best players” will be awarded gift cards for products and services related to education and environmental sustainability.

The results of the Piedmont Schools Tournament.

The final victory is everyone’s: the game has contributed to changing the individual mobility habits of active users on routine routes (home-school) by recording a decrease of individual CO2 emissions.

The students travelled 10,388 routes and 31,037 sustainable kilometres recorded by the MUV app.

Thanks to the data collected by MUV and processed by the University of Turin, new solutions will be co-designed to offer to their municipality to improve urban mobility, in addition to the drafting of Home-School Travel Plans. 

“We are very happy with the success among the students, the results and impacts obtained are extraordinary and even more extraordinary will be that new urban mobility policies will be elaborated thanks to these data.”

Domenico Schillaci, MUV co-founder and CTO.

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