MOB Challenge - Urban Exploration - Rules - MUV

MOB Challenge – Urban Exploration – Rules

1. Promoters
This Challenge is an initiative of MUV B Corp and Fondazione Unipolis.

2. Duration
From 7 to 28 November 2022.

3. Territorial scope

4. Modalities of the initiative

The Challenge is reserved to the MOB community.

MUV assigns each player a certain number of points based on sustainable trips. These trips must be tracked through the app’s dedicated functionality and verified by the service’s automatic algorithms to be considered valid.The mechanism for tracking and verifying sustainable trips is as follows:

Remember that to allow tracking, you must have activated the location services on your device and that this functionality is used exclusively for the purposes of the game to validate the player’s sustainable movement and for possible statistical and research purposes.For more detailed information on how the app works and tracking works, please refer to the “FAQ and tutorial” section in the app or to the terms and conditions document.The points earned by the player with each certified sustainable route are proportional to the distance travelled, and the mobility system adopted. Some bonuses proportionally increase the number of points earned according to weather conditions, altitude (only in the case of walking or cycling routes), peak traffic times, home-work or home-school routes, frequency of use of the app, and presence of MUV places.The player can check their status in the game by accessing the Challenges section.
It is possible to request to unsubscribe from the challenge via the “give us feedback” button in the side menu.

5. Nature.
The Challenge does not fall within the scope of D.P.R. 26 October 2001, no. 430, according to article 6 paragraph d.

6. Prizes
There are no individual prizes of any value, but a badge upon reaching the points thresholds. Depending on the points obtained by the entire community over the duration of the challenge, three point thresholds will be crossed:

7. Data Use and Privacy.
In order to allow the game to run, it is necessary to collect and process information relating to the tracking of trips made via the app and the results of the game. The player’s personal data will be processed in full compliance with current privacy legislation, as specified in the document

Play with us

Employees of INAIL, LIST, ISPRA, Fondazione Unipolis, Fondazione CRT and many others have already turned colleagues into sustainable mobility athletes and actively contributed to reducing emissions.

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Whether it is a sustainability project for employees or sponsorship for our champions, companies and organizations play as well the game of change.

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