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Morettino Challenge – for real coffee lovers – Rules

1. Promoters
This Challenge is an initiative of MUV B Corp and Morettino.

2. Duration.
From 17 January to 28 February, 2022.

3. Geographical area

4. Procedures for carrying out
The “Play” function relevant to the game is the tracking of a journey in progress. The trip tracking function is used exclusively for the game for the validation of the choice of the trip made by the player and for any statistical or other purposes.
To proceed in the game, the player must activate the geolocation function on his mobile device.
The journeys tracking on foot, by bicycle, bus or train is done as follows:
i. click “PLAY” on the app and select the mode of travel you want to track: “walking”, “bike/scooter”. The app will start tracking the route, saving some useful information for route validation;
ii. During the route you can change the tracking mode by selecting the icon for a different means of transport;
iii. At the end of your journey, select “STOP” and you will be able to view the details of your journey and check how many points have been recognised.
With each route travelled, the player earns points.
The ways of earning points are as follows:
● The player earns some points proportional to the distance covered on foot, by bicycle and scooter, measured according to the route mapped out via the app.
● There are some points extra that proportionally increase the number of points collected depending on: time of day, weather conditions, change in altitude.
● The player can check their status in the game by accessing the Challenge section.
It is possible to unsubscribe from Challenge by using the “Give us feedback” button in the side menu.

5. Nature.
The Challenge does not fall within the scope of D.P.R. 26 October 2001, no. 430, according to article 6 paragraph d.

6. Indicative value of the individual prizes up for grabs.
At the end of the game period, the Players at the top of the overall points classification will win the following prizes:
●1st to 10th place: a code worth 20 euros on the Caffè Morettino e-shop;
●11th to 50th place: 20% discount code on the Caffè Morettino e-shop.

7. End of prize giving.
The vouchers are handed over immediately at the end of the challenge in the “Prizes” section of the app. Both the code worth €20 and the 20% discount code are valid up to and including 31/03/22.

8. Data Use and Privacy.
In order to allow the game to run, it is necessary to collect and process information relating to the tracking of trips made via the app and the results of the game. The player’s personal data will be processed in full compliance with current privacy legislation, as specified in the document

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