Blah Blah Blah Tournament

“Road transport accounts for 10% of global emissions and its emissions are increasing faster than those of any other sector. (COP26).”

Turn founders, staff and users into sustainable athletes and actively contribute to reducing emissions.

Sustainable mobility is a team play

Stop blah blah blah!

Activate your community and become one of the 16 startups (innovative and digital companies) changing the world with MUV!

Impacts and results

Fight climate change and measure progress by certifying CO2 savings.

Enjoy your Community

Play as a team, encourage responsible and healthy behaviour of founders, staff and your entire user community!

Few rules: the most sustainable one wins the tournament.

Blah Blah Tournament will start in March 2022.

It’s very simple: select a means of transport and record a route. The safer and more sustainable it is, the more points will be awarded. Bonus points if there is traffic, if the weather is hostile, if the route is a routine… Startups will compete in head-to-head matches: quarterfinals, semi-finals and finally the grand final.

You will receive weekly updates on your team’s results to share with your community and, at the end of the competition, a report on the overall impact generated.

What is MUV

Through team play, MUV offers Brands and Organisations an innovative solution to encourage responsible and healthy habits, measures progress by certifying CO2 reduction and, thanks to the data collected, allows co-creation of mobility plans.

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How MUV works

Once you have downloaded the app, you earn points by moving in a sustainable way, by walking, cycling, scootering, using public transport or carpooling. The environmental impact (measured by MUV according to ISO 14064-2) can be communicated by the startup as its own real contribution, thus increasing its brand awareness.

Whoever plays with MUV always wins

The startup that wins the Blah Blah Tournament will be awarded a reforestation project with high environmental and social impact with zeroCO2. Products and services from partners active in the fields of sustainability, human rights and the environment such as Emergency and Unicef will be offered to the Best Players.
But when playing with MUV, victory belongs to everyone. MUVers travel sustainable kilometres and save tons of CO2, making a concrete contribution to the fight against climate change.

See the University Tournament case study

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