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MOB Tournament: rounds closed and playoffs begin.

24 April 2023

The MOB Tournament playoffs start today, Monday 24 April. The phygital sports competition being played on the app, as part of the two-year MOB – Movimento in rivoluzione project of Fondazione Unipolis, has reached the third and final stage.

MOB playoffs

The decisive phase of the MOB Tournament has begun. We started on 20 March with 154 teams, 2.400 players from all over Italy, and no less than five preparation challenges behind us.

Thirty-two teams took first place in their respective rounds after three weeks of head-to-head matches, and from today, they will be in the playoffs. A phase that will last five weeks and will see the 32 best teams in the MOB tournament play each other in knockout matches until the semifinals and grand final, which will take place in the last week of May.

MOB’s sustainable mobility does not stop for the 96 teams that do not advance to the playoffs. They will not have the chance to compete for prizes but can win recognition badges by participating in the “MOB Playground” parallel to the MOB Tournament.

The MOB community fights for a more sustainable planet

The MOB tournament is aimed at Generation Z, young people who, more than anyone else in recent years, have fought for a more sustainable planet, positively influencing previous generations, their families, teachers and schools. Protecting the environment is now the main motive behind the protests of girls and boys all over the world. Joining the MOB Tournament is a concrete way to show your activism. Because a small but routine action, and part of a large community, definitely has a big impact.

An example? Since the start of the tournament, in just over a month, the MOB community has saved over 11.400 kg of CO2 and covered almost 320.000 sustainable kilometres.

A generation of “MOB MUVers” to be inspired by. Their preferred means of travel include public transport and the train, the least polluting motorised transport solution.

In five weeks we will discover the winning team. Everyone will win, but we can’t wait to find out who will be the team with the most sustainable mobility habits.

Meanwhile, MOB Masterclasses and bonus questions in the app continue, whose participation or correct answer earns bonus points for the tournament.

If you want to participate in the MOB tournament, you can join now one of the 32 teams!

Playoffs first week

Il progetto MOB – Movimento in rivoluzione

MOB – Movimento in rivoluzione is the Fondazione Unipolis project. The name plays on the dual meaning of mobility and the multitude of people called together to revolutionise the very concept of sustainable mobility that must be placed at the heart of their experience as citizens of the communities in which they live. It responds to Goals 4 (Ensure inclusive and equitable quality education and promote lifelong learning opportunities for all) and 11 (Make cities and human settlements inclusive, safe, resilient and sustainable) of the UN 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development.

Play with us

Employees of INAIL, LIST, ISPRA, Fondazione Unipolis, Fondazione CRT and many others have already turned colleagues into sustainable mobility athletes and actively contributed to reducing emissions.

MUV for Business

Whether it is a sustainability project for employees or sponsorship for our champions, companies and organizations play as well the game of change.

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