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The EIT Sustainable Mobility Challenge.

4 August 2021

We are very happy that EIT Urban Mobility Team decided to take a new sustainable mobility challenge during the month of July organized by MUV.

Several teams from EIT Urban Mobility staff were competing in the MUV challenge, and they were reporting how they were doing on a weekly basis. Please refer to their article to discover a nice narrative or read below and find out the highlights of the 4-week challenge.

eit sustainable mobility challenge

This pilot experience aimed at environmentally-friendly commuting and to improve physical and mental health thanks to the power of regular exercise.

The game rules are always the same. Leave the private car in the garage and choose a more sustainable way to commute, collect points by registering the trip via the app. The more actively you move, the more points you can get, contributing to the final score of your team. Our algorithm also rewards consistency, weather conditions and current traffic that the participant is reducing through conscious choices.

The Challenge – Week 1

The first Monday of the MUV Challenge made the teams accelerate in their pursuit of victory. After the successful kick-off, dozens of trips were recorded across the EU, covering all the EIT UM locations. In parallel to the point counter, the number of users also grew as two new teams onboarded to the MUV app. EIT UM motivation is one and only: improving their health and reducing their carbon footprint.

The Challenge – Week 2

Over the second week, there were three teams simultaneously taking the lead in the dynamic competition where finally, opponents did allow the Hoppers to keep their pole position, recovered as late as Sunday afternoon. With holidays around the corner and the off-season already happening in some parts of Europe, commuting still remains the backbone of the scoreboard. However, it seems that outdoor activities will soon take over to be a main booster for the weekly performance.

The Challenge – Week 3

Consistency has always been mentioned among the virtues that pave the way to success and once again its strength has been proved. Team spirit and commitment of employees let the company hit the highest – so far – number of points registered in a week time. The virtual counter with over 550.000 points may amaze, but it becomes truly magic when expressed in the equivalent of COsaved.

Although it takes some time getting used to adding all journeys, I think MUV is an awesome initiative that helps encourage people to be more active and to add a bit of a challenge within the company while simultaneously bringing all of us from different hubs to work together to win! 

Charlotte, one of the participants.

The Challenge – Week 4

This is the finish line of the EIT Sustainable Mobility Challenge, a 4-week pilot experience that, with fun, brought more understanding to how EIT UM Team commute and move around the European cities. The Hoppers rushed the last straight to the undisputed victory but shared their glory with all those who decided to face their unsustainable practices. The unrevealed relationship between the environmental and health aspects coupled with active mobility seems to be the key takeaway for more than 60 employees who experienced a win-win situation. And although the virtual points counter stopped at the stroke of midnight,  the game continues. The future mobility of cities and our health are in our hands!

winners mobility challenge

Thanks to all the staff at EIT UM, who supported us so well in the realisation of our first trans-European company project. We look forward to continuing to design new amazing competitions together!

And as our friends say: active mobility can be your choice, so do the first MUV today!

Play with us

Employees of INAIL, LIST, ISPRA, Fondazione Unipolis, Fondazione CRT and many others have already turned colleagues into sustainable mobility athletes and actively contributed to reducing emissions.

MUV for Business

Whether it is a sustainability project for employees or sponsorship for our champions, companies and organizations play as well the game of change.

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