What will mobility be like after COVID-19?

What will mobility be like after COVID-19?

20 April 2020

We asked ourselves what the future of post covid-19 urban mobility will be.

At the end of the lockdown, we will choose how to move according to their own needs, their own perception of risk, their own concept of convenience.

And under what condition are we willing to accept alternatives to private cars?

A survey with a large sample size could be the first step to redesign the urban experience and to understand if we’re ready to change our mobility habits.

“Courage is needed to give a future to public transport”.

We’re trying to collect information that may be useful to defuse this ecological social time bomb.

mobility after covid-19

Here is the link to the post covid-19 mobility survey: https://bit.ly/mobilitapostcovid

All data are collected in an anonymous form.

All data are shared with authorities responsible for transport planning, public transport companies and research institutions. 

The dataset will be released in open format at the end of the survey.

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