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FantaMUV, balance sheet and report cards at the international break

21 November 2023

FantaMUV, the sustainable mobility tournament for Serie A fans, for the second year, is being played on the MUV Game app and is the result of an innovative collaboration between MUV and Fantacalcio. Soccer merges with sustainable mobility, and through data, technology and gaming, offers fans a new way to get around on a daily basis and travel to the stadium, reducing the environmental impact of travel.

It’s balance time in FantaMUV, let’s take a look at the grades of sustainable fan teams in Serie A.

Juventus – 10

Juve fans dominate the league, collecting over 1,425,000 points with an average of over 118,000 points per week. Crazy!

Roma – 9

Twelve wins for Roma fans as well. Incredible sustainable performance and movement by a team with enviable mobility habits led by giallorossi alice12.

Milan – 8.5

Rossoneri lucastuder and Randonneur struggle to rise to the top of FantaMUV and, with their routes, raise the team’s average.

Fiorentina – 6

The team is losing altitude in the last few days. More is expected in the home-school and home-work commutes of Floridians.

Bologna – 8

Verve, grit and energy. A team determined to reduce CO2 and support their cities, led by the indomitable ste.ram.

Salernitana – 8

Despite the defeat in the Campania derby, Salernitana arrives at the break with 8 wins and an excellent point total.

Inter – 7

Not the best start to the season. Five games lost is a lot. From the winners of the FantaMUV 22/23 championship, it is fair to expect more.

Frosinone – 8

Among the non-big teams in FantaMUV but Frosinone is facing the tournament with excellent sustainable performances. A crescendo that bodes well for the upcoming matches.

Torino – 6.5

Toro fans can give much more. More than a full sufficiency, precisely because we are used to and always expect more from Torino.

Verona – 7

A team of fighters that is bringing home several wins in a row even against the enercic Bolognese in Day 4. It deserves confidence.

Sassuolo – 6

A team that does not shine. A resounding start with the victory against the sustainable Neapolitans and then Inters that had the Modena fans dreaming. Then the decline.

Udinese – 6.5

A team that does not shine. The Friulians bring home a few important wins, among them the sixth against Napoli. But it’s not enough.

Napoli – 7.5

Naples fans do not affect but the FantaMUV editorial staff knows what they are capable of.

Genoa e Monza – 5.5

It doesn’t reach sufficiency; there is much to improve.

Cagliari e Atalanta – 6

They cannot be satisfied with the overall performance to date.

Lecce e Lazio – 5

The first 12 days do not lead to sufficiency for Lecce and Lazio fans.

Empoli – 4

Suffering for the Empolese fans, they are the only team to have cashed in 12 defeats. But we are hopeful that the sustainable mobility league is just beginning.

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FantaMUV is more than a serious game, it is a movement that combines a passion for soccer and a commitment to a more sustainable planet. With growing enthusiasm and supporters from all over Italy, the FantaMUV community is growing. Read about it every week on

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MUV is among the 10 startups admitted to the EXTRA TIME Startup Competition 2023, an innovation program of the Social Football Summit. On Tuesday, November 21, at the Stadio Olimpico in Rome, we will present MUV and more importantly, FantaMUV, telling how we are designing and testing a solution that can actively engage Serie A fans toward adopting more sustainable mobility habits. 🚀

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