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The first eight days of FantaMUV, the sustainable mobility league of football fans.

17 October 2023

MUV, has joined forces, for the second year, with to create FantaMUV, a sustainable mobility tournament dedicated to Serie A fans. Through this innovative collaboration, football merges with sustainable mobility, offering fans the chance to support their team and the Planet.

The first eight days of the championship offered an overwhelming spectacle. Against a backdrop of an abnormal September and early October with record temperatures alternating with thunderstorms and hailstorms, the participants had to prove their football faith and their commitment to a more conscious lifestyle.

Here are some highlights from the first days.

Matchdays 1-2

An exciting kickoff. Juventus, Inter, Roma and Milan lead the standings. The Nerazzurri, last season’s champions, start with a bang. The Juventini open the tournament as the strongest and highest scoring team thanks to their sustainable travel. With a mix of public transport, walking and cycling, the Fantamuvers are the perfect example of how every little effort can make a difference in the fight against climate change.

Matchdays 3-4

The tournament has seen a growing membership. More and more players are organising carpooling to the stadiums (MUV Place), reducing CO2 emissions and gaining bonus points. The first defeats of the Milanese Teams came: on matchday 3, the Romanisti beat the Milanisti and the latter won the derby on matchday 4 against the Interisti. The Neapolitans felt the cohesion and commitment of the Lazio fans in the big match Napoli-Lazio. Juventus set a record in this championship with over 142.000 points.

fantamuv classifica

Matchdays 5-6

On days 5 and 6 of FantaMUV we wandered with the imagination of the formation with the 4-3-3 module composed of the top 11, the absolute protagonists. In goal, the player marinela, a fan who is leading her favourite team, Verona. The defence would be formed by the Milan fan antuc, the Juventus fan joagogu, the Romanista rossella72 and the very supportive Milanista lucastuder. The bianconeri niko27, giuliokonta and xiaobu would be the midfielders who, thanks to their sustainable daily moves, would collect wins, record invidibial points and place themselves in first place. In attack, we would line up the Giallorossi’s Alice12 and the Inter player stegabe. We bet on Juventus’ Ilde as centre forward, the player with the most sustainable mobility habits in the current championship.

fantamuv formazione

Matchdays 7-8

Udinese and Cagliari recover. Free fall for Inter, despite the suffered victory against Salernitana. Bad also for Lazio and Bologna. Good for Milan, who move ahead and take third place. The granata failed to win the derby della Mole. Fiorentina beat Napoli and breathed a sigh of relief, keeping their fourth position. Leap forward for Salernitana and abrupt braking for last year’s champions. The summit of FantaMUV is dominated by Juventus and Giallorossi fans. Both teams have won eight matches, albeit with a clear difference in points accumulated, which allows the Piedmontese to enjoy the break in first place.

FantaMUV is much more than a game, it is a movement that combines a passion for football with a commitment to a more sustainable planet. With growing enthusiasm and continuous commitment, FantaMUV promises to be a very successful initiative. The 9th day of FantaMUV has already begun!

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