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MUV interviews. The Unito Green Office success story.

7 December 2021

We interviewed the Green Office team of the University of Turin (UniToGO), the university that won the first edition of the Sustainable Mobility Tournament between European Universities.

If you’re curious to know how they managed to involve a community of 1,098 MUVers, Micol Maggiolini and Antonio Vita, UniToGO’s Communication and Engagement Coordination, (as well as two super MUVers!) revealed their media strategy to us. Enjoy reading!

The Unito Green Office, the commitment since 2016 to conscious mobility

Promoting sustainable mobility for the university community has been a matter of commitment and attention for the University since 2016, the year the Green Office was set up. Mobility is one of the six thematic working groups along with energy, green public procurement, waste, food and climate change, as well as communication and engagement coordination. But this is not the only reason that convinced United to join the Tournament between Universities in Europe. “Our words are known, engage and change,” explains Micol. “We found coherence with the MUV and UMOB tournament: to know data about movement and mobility habits, to constantly engage 85.000 people from the Unito University community and to turn behaviour into a new habit through the concept of gamification.”

“The thing that impressed me most is that the habit change has stuck. Today, despite the tournament being over, there are still 50 active users playing with no prizes up for grabs. This is clear proof that it is not just the prizes that motivate sustainable behaviour. The true value of MUV has been perceived.”

Micol Maggiolini, Direzione Edilizia e Sostenibilità, UniToGO.

The strategy behind UniToGO’s success

What was the winning formula? How did you attract 1.098 MUVers and, above all, how did you manage to keep them entertained and active for eight weeks?

Micol and Antonio tell us that the success lies in having chosen a combined approach of UniToGO’s communication media, both online and offline, working in synergy with the University’s communication channels.

“From a digital asset, we asked for a lot of attention from the Unito web editorial team, asking for remaining the news on the home page during the eight weeks. The Green Office website was our main communication channel. We used our social media with regular relaunches on the University’s pages. We used WhatsApp and sent an email to all the students, lecturers and technical-administrative staff, also making use of the mailing lists previously created on the subject of mobility.” An effective strategy to activate a more sensitive and aware audience on the topic of sustainable mobility.

Offline communication was not neglected: putting up posters, leafleting, wall screens in the University and asking lecturers to promote the initiative in their lectures.

How do you structure a good communication plan for a Sustainable Mobility Tournament?

The communication plan was researched and planned in advance, but the live component was crucial. “It was important to activate all the players in the first days of the week, while in the final phase, from Thursday to Sunday, we tried to involve the most active players, creating ad hoc content for them. The eye to the rules was constant.” Antonio explains to us.

From the game rules: “The sum of the points of the top five players who collected the most points is added to the average score of all the other players.”

The champions took the opportunity to create live content during bad weather because a good MUVer knows that with bad weather conditions come bonus points.

The Welcome Kit and the social strategy

At the activation of each community, MUV provides a Welcome Kit with tips, templates and graphics useful for the involvement of its team.

“The kit was fundamental” – explains Antonio – “it allowed us quality, style and consistency on all releases. We integrated the graphics using stock images as iconic elements of the cities. For example, during the week of the Unito vs Universitat de Barcelona challenge, we posted content with the Mole Antonelliana against the Sagrada Familia. The aim was to give the idea of a real city challenge.”

Another editorial pillar was to play on the mystery, recounting the performances of the five best players in the Unito and showing their scores, creating a sort of competition between them. The challenge within the challenge.

The university target audience made Instagram the best performing social media and stories the best placement. “The use was daily, live and trying to emphasise the matches also with stickers and gifs. During the tournament weeks, the Green Office reached a reach of 40.156”. Antonio concludes.

We would like to thank Micol Maggiolini and Antonio Vita of the Unito Green Office team for revealing their best practice to us. A success story that we hope will serve as an example to all communities who decide to try and change the world by playing with MUV!

For more information on the University of Turin’s Green Office, visit the website and the page dedicated to sustainable mobility.

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