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Blah Blah Blah Tournament, fight the climate change and change the world.

31 January 2022

The Blah Blah Tournament is coming up, the sustainable mobility tournament organised by MUV for companies that go beyond the “Blah Blah Blah” and demonstrate their commitment to the environment.

How can we make our business more sustainable?

Following virtuous behaviour, both at the environmental and social level. A sustainable company is one that adopts growth strategies aimed at the well-being of the planet. Today, we can and must measure the impact that a company’s business has on the environment, the community in which it operates, its employees and society.  

Reducing energy waste, using careful waste separation, selecting only environmentally friendly suppliers and using recycled materials are some of the attentions that every company must-have. Mobility is one of the main challenges in this transformation process and it can be measured by concrete data. 

An SME’s guide to reducing your carbon footprint and environmental impact.

Our relationship with the world around us continues to change on a daily basis. People care a lot more about the impact we’re having on the environment than they did a couple of decades ago, with green schemes, sustainability drives and heightened social pressure to take care of the world we share.

For all businesses, including SMEs, there’s a sense of expectancy to ensure you’re doing everything you can to keep your carbon emissions and other harmful environmental outputs to a minimum. If you run an SME and are unsure exactly how to do that, this guide is here to help. You will find:

  • The benefits of being net-zero as an SME
  • How to calculate your business’ carbon footprint
  • Reporting your carbon footprint
  • Actionable ways to reduce emissions, both as a brick-and-mortar and online SME

CO2 emissions, the role of transport and mobility.

Road transport accounts for 10% of global emissions, and its emissions are increasing faster than those of any other sector. Detailing the CO2 emissions from road transport, 46% is attributable to individual mobility (source IEA and ICCT, 2019-2020). Travel by car, motorbike and bus, and in particular older vehicles, are the biggest polluters. As the European Climate Act transforms the European Green Deal’s political commitment to EU climate neutrality by 2050, companies have a historic opportunity in front of them: to play an active and responsible role for a more sustainable future.

“Italian cities are invaded by cars, whether parked or on the move. In Milan alone, to park all 688.223 cars, a space 22 times the size of Parco Sempione is needed.” Will Media

Blah Blah Blah Tournament, for companies that want be a part of the change.

The project aims to make innovative, digital companies and startups the protagonists of change: the founders, the team but also supporters such as customers, prospects, suppliers, and friends move using sustainable means and tracking their movements with the MUV app. Participating companies generate certified CO2 savings thanks to our methodology and will testify the concrete impact produced.

blah blah blah tournament

How does Blah Blah Blah Tournament work?

The Tournament will start in soon and companies can apply to the call for entries. You download the app, select a sustainable means of transport and record your trip. The algorithm assigns points based on the safety and sustainability of the trip, awarding bonus points linked to traffic, weather conditions and the routine journey. The 16 startups compete in head-to-head knockout matches: quarter-finals, semi-finals and finally the grand final. Additionally, the app delivers weekly updates on their team’s results to share with their community and, at the end of the competition, a report on the overall impact generated.

Thank to zeroCO2, we will plant a tree for every team registered and the team that wins the Tournament will be given the name of a reforestation project in Italy.

The future is already tomorrow and depends on how we act today. 

Play with your community!